Speaking Engagements 2012-2013

Speaking EngagementsYEAR 2012


April 6-11

California, “The Lunar Sabbath” series

April 12-14

Colorado, “When Love Crossed All Boundaries to Save Me” series

April 20

Detroit, “The Third Trial of Jesus” sermon

May 4-12

Hounslow SDA church, London, “The Godhead” series

June 1-6

                   Malaysia, "That I May Know Him" Series

June 30-July 14

Hope Community SDA church, London, “The Saving Power of the Cross” series

June 20-21

                    Manchester Southern Asia SDA church, “Cross and 2nd Coming” series

September 21-23

                   Bowden, Canada (AAAA Camp), “When Love Crossed All Boundaries” series

September 27-29

Calgary Central Church, Canada,  The Lunar Sabbath” series

September 29

Bridgeland Church, Calgary, Canada Our God, A Paradoxical God” sermon

October 6 

                    Garden Road Church, Calgary, Canada God Stoops Down” sermon

December 2-8

Uganda, “Revive for Mission” series


          YEAR 2013


          February 6-9

                              Meghalaya, Northeast India, “Lunar Sabbath” series

         April 12-27

                              Garden Road Church, Canada, “The Saving Power of the Cross” series

          May 4-10

                              Carterknowle SDA church, Burngreave SDA church, Doncaster SDA church, Sheffield, UK, Last Day Events” series

          May 11

                              Leeds SDA Central church, Leeds, UK, “Rebuilding the Walls” sermon for Day of Fellowship and Evangelism

          May 24-June 2

                              Vellore, South India, “Daniel for the End Time” series

          September 21-28   

                              Manchester North, "Knowing the Time" series.

         September 29

                              Cardiff, "European Union in Bible Prophecy"

         October 5

                              London, "Our God, A Paradoxical God"

         October 6-13

                            Manchester South, "The New Covenant" Series

         November 6-16

                              Qatar, "Get Ready! It's Almost Time!!"  Series                       

          November 22

                              Dubai, Prophecy Series

          November 20, 23

                              Sharjah,  "God's Recepie for Peace", "The Father's Lamb"



Pastor Michael Pedrin Preaching