AD 31 and the Friday Crucifixion

Many of us believe that Jesus died in the year AD 31 and the day of the week was Friday, the sixth day of the week, in the Gregorian calendar. But our belief has been seriously challenged by those who believe Jesus died on Wednesday. And many other Christian churches believe the year was AD 33. They throw a challenge to us by relying on the phases of the moon given to us by NASA and other reliable scientific sources. For us, Adventists, AD 31 and Friday Crucifixion are vital because AD 1844 is tied up to this prophecy of Daniel 8 and 9. Apart from the challenge posed to us by other Christians the lunar Sabbatarians challenge our dates as well. In this sermon, “AD 31 and the Friday Crucifixion”, I show it is Biblically and scientifically possible to have an AD 31 and Friday Crucifixion in the Gregorian calendar.