The holy and pure God of the universe embraced a filthy and a polluted world when He sent His only begotten Son to redeem humanity. In this sermon we see how close God has identified Himself to a doomed race. Jesus, the Son of God, had human relatives in His ancestral lineage, who were even harlots! We see the holy One of Israel consenting to be numbered with the transgressors so that He could save as many transgressors as possible. He has linked His holy name with the sinful race to give us a better name! All this and more we will discover in the sermon, “God Stoops Down”.

Our Lord Jesus was subjected to 3 trials on earth during His last day on earth before His death. The Jewish and the Roman Trials are clearly specified in scripture. But there was another trial that was going on while Jesus was hanging on the cross—the heavenly trial, in the thick darkness! In this sermon, “The Third Trial of Jesus”, we will be dwelling on what was happing behind the scenes of the natural human eyes.