The golden city, our Father’s house, is the loud spoken theme of in the Sanctuary. Everything in the tabernacle was overlaid with gold which testified of the palace of the great king. The shapes of the many items in the sanctuary and the precious stones of the breastplate all testified to the grand city of the great King. In this sermon, The Sanctuary Unlocks the Mystery of Heaven, we will discover these vital truths!

The Second Coming of Jesus is the grandest theme of the entire Bible. The plan of salvation won’t be complete if the Master who died for our sins does not return. In the beautiful symbols of the sanctuary this grand truth is taught. The sermon, The Sanctuary Unlocks the Mystery of the Second Coming, explores this wonderful truth from the Sanctuary perspective.

Death is clearly called sleep nearly 50 times in the Bible and yet people are really confused as to what happens when a person dies! The word soul is another word that has been misinterpreted dearly. Death is nothing but the opposite/cessation of life. In this sermon The Sanctuary Unlocks the Mystery of Death we will be exploring the difficult texts regarding this subject apart from seeing the plain teaching of the word of God regarding it.

Judgment is a vital theme in the Bible. The Bible clearly teaches that the Lord Jesus is coming back to judge the living and the dead. Where there is judgment there is a judge and the standard of judgment as well. It s the sanctuary that clearly shows us how this judgment will take place, and what is the standard of judgment!

Sin is the chief culprit. Sin brought/brings the separation between God and man. Sin leads to death finally. But what is sin? The whole system of the sanctuary reveals to us what sin really is, and how sin is defined by God. In this sermon, The Sanctuary Unlocks the Mystery of Sin, we will discover the only proper definition of sin in the Bible.