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Old Testament Questions top
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1 What was the LIGHT of the FIRST DAY of Creation?
24 Jun 2008 79881
2 Was man created in TWO PHASES--first SPIRIT body, then body of FLESH?
01 Jul 2008 18976
3 WHY didn’t Adam and Eve DIE the SAME DAY they sinned?
02 Jul 2008 9348
4 Between Adam's creation and fall—was it LONG?
02 Jul 2008 13598
5 WHY did God curse the innocent serpent? Wasn’t it only a medium the devil used?
14 Jul 2008 26227
6 Why did God reject the sacrifice of Cain?
14 Jul 2008 23048
7 Whom did Cain marry?
14 Jul 2008 11726
8 Cain said: “everyone that findeth me shall slay me”. Who is this “everyone”?
14 Jul 2008 12852
9 What was the “MARK” that God placed upon CAIN after he murdered Abel?
14 Jul 2008 8707
10 Who were the SONS OF GOD in Genesis 6:2? Were they ALIENS?
14 Jul 2008 7644
11 Genesis mentions about “GIANTS” in Noah’s days—WHO were they?
14 Jul 2008 25856
12 How could ALL the ANIMALS fit into NOAH’S ARK?
14 Jul 2008 5983
13 Weren’t people speaking DIFFERENT LANGUAGES even before the TOWER OF BABEL incident?
15 Jul 2008 10462
14 Were the children of Israel in Egypt for 400 years or 430 years? (Compare Genesis 15:13 and Exodus 12:41)
15 Jul 2008 13991
15 Why didn’t God punish LOT’S DAUGHTERS for their base act with their father? (See genesis 19:30-38)
15 Jul 2008 15666
16 God says He is a “JEALOUS GOD” (Exodus 20:5). How can a holy God be jealous?
15 Jul 2008 8711
17 How can God PUNISH a person’s family to the 3RD AND 4TH GENERATION?
15 Jul 2008 38495
18 Why God didn’t punish Aaron for making the golden calf (Exodus 32:4-6), but rather he rewards him with priesthood (number 17)?
19 Dec 2012 9464
19 Who provoked David to number Israel—God or Satan? (See 2 Samuel 24:1 and 1 Chronicles 21:1)?
19 Dec 2012 5967
20 Dec 2012 9724
21 Who are the “Two anointed ones” in Zechariah 4:14?
21 Jan 2013 15816
22 Would you please explain Leviticus 19: 20 which says a bondwoman has to be scourged for committing adultery but the man just offers a trespass offering?
24 Mar 2013 8444
New Testament Questions top
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1 What did Jesus mean by asking us to CUT OFF OUR RIGHT HAND, etc, if it causes us to sin?
17 Jul 2008 42474
2 Jesus said we need to be PERFECT as God. How can that be possible?
17 Jul 2008 15598
3 What did Jesus actually mean by saying “Let not THY LEFT HAND KNOW what thy right hand doeth”?
17 Jul 2008 28219
4 Matthew and Luke have recorded the LORD’S PRAYER—they are not exactly the same.
17 Jul 2008 24149
5 We are told NOT TO JUDGE people. Then HOW TO KNOW who is a DECEIVER and who is not?
17 Jul 2008 4248
6 Christ told us NOT TO WORRY in PREPARING ANSWERS to questions on faith. Then why are people studying to answer?
17 Jul 2008 4089
7 Jesus said, "Think not that I am come to send peace on earth: I came NOT to send PEACE, BUT a SWORD" (Matthew 10:34). How can this be?
17 Jul 2008 7635
8 Why did JOHN THE BAPTIST DOUBT whether Jesus was indeed the MESSIAH?
17 Jul 2008 18291
9 In Matthew 11:11 Jesus said the least in God’s kingdom is GREATER THAN JOHN the Baptist. What does it mean?
17 Jul 2008 29867
10 What does this verse mean, "And from the days of John the Baptist until now the KINGDOM OF HEAVEN SUFFERETH VIOLENCE, and the violent take it by force."? (Matthew 11:12)
17 Jul 2008 76785
11 What did Jesus mean when He said: "I will have mercy and not sacrifice"? (Matthew 12:7). Isn't Christianity all about sacrificing?
17 Jul 2008 14003
12 Jesus said in Matthew 12:40 about being in the grave for THREE DAYS AND THREE NIGHTS. Where are the three days and three nights?
17 Jul 2008 6648
13 DID JESUS REALLY DIE? He compared Himself to Jonah. We know Jonah was alive!
17 Jul 2008 7082
14 On which day was Jesus CRUCIFIED? Is it WEDNESDAY or FRIDAY?
17 Jul 2008 6179
15 Why did JESUS tell His disciples many times NOT TO TELL OTHERS that HE was the MESSIAH? [See Matthew 16:20]
17 Jul 2008 17050
17 Jul 2008 15526
17 Jesus said that JOHN THE BAPTIST was the ELIJAH to come. But John denied it!
17 Jul 2008 41196
18 Wasn’t Jesus good? Then why did He tell the RICH YOUNG RULER that He WASN’T GOOD? (See Matthew 19:17)
17 Jul 2008 7997
19 Why did Jesus CURSE the FIG TREE for not bearing fruits, that too when it was NOT the SEASON! (Mark 11:12-14)
17 Jul 2008 13420
20 Jesus said in Matthew 22:14, “For MANY are CALLED, but few are chosen”. Why doesn’t He call ALL?
03 Sep 2008 29924
21 Was JOHN THE BAPTIST living on INSECTS? The Bible says he was eating honey and LOCUSTS!
03 Sep 2008 18699
22 In mark 10:45 Jesus said, “He gave His life a ransom for MANY”. And in 1 Timothy 2:6, Paul said, Jesus gave Himself a “ransom for ALL”. Isn’t it a clear CONTRADICTION?
03 Sep 2008 8062
23 Describing the RESURRECTION of Jesus—Matthew, Mark, Luke and John are NOT IN HARMONY as to the NUMBER OF ANGELS at the tomb, and the positions they were in! How come?
03 Sep 2008 9187
24 The FOUR GOSPELS—Matthew, Mark, Luke and John—are NOT ALWAYS IN HARMONY in the narration of many things! Therefore, isn’t it CONTRADICTORY?
03 Sep 2008 16691
25 Why did Jesus say, we need to “HATE” our FATHER AND MOTHER before coming to him? (See Luke 14:26).
03 Sep 2008 14355
26 WHY did Jesus ask His disciples to BUY A SWORD? He said: “he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one”. (Luke 22:36)
03 Sep 2008 52122
27 John the Baptist said about Christ: “Behold the lamb of God, which TAKETH AWAY THE SIN of the world” (John 1:29). If Christ took away the sin of the world, WHY is there SIN STILL in the WORLD?
03 Sep 2008 5596
28 What does John 3:13 mean, “NO MAN has ASCENDED to heaven”? The Bible clearly presents the translation of ENOCH AND ELIJAH!
03 Sep 2008 17703
29 Isn’t the SERPENT a symbol of the DEVIL? Then why did JESUS COMPARE Himself to a SERPENT? (See John 3:14)
03 Sep 2008 9747
30 In john 4:22, Jesus said, “salvation is of the Jews”. Then where do we stand?
03 Sep 2008 10597
31 What does John 5:4 mean—“an angel troubling the water”? How can God work in this manner?
03 Sep 2008 24898
32 In john chapter 7 Jesus said He wasn’t going to the feast of tabernacles. But He secretly went! Did Jesus lie?
03 Sep 2008 9086
33 It is believed by many that the woman caught in adultery in John chapter 8 is Mary Magdalene. How can it be proved?
03 Sep 2008 15086
34 Why did Jesus ask THOMAS to TOUCH Him after His RESURRECTION when He did NOT permit MARY Magdalene to do so? (See John 20:17, 27)
03 Sep 2008 22190
35 Paul gives a CONTRADICTING REPORT of his DAMASCUS EXPERIENCE! (See acts 9:7 and acts 22:9)
03 Sep 2008 5288
36 If the book of REVELATION is so IMPORTANT, why isn’t it given in PLAIN and understandable LANGUAGE?
03 Sep 2008 5550
37 Doesn’t Revelation 12:7-12 indicate that Lucifer was cast out from heaven only at Calvary?
03 Sep 2008 21444
38 Please explain what the Apostle Paul meant when he called marriage a “distraction” (I Corinthians 7:32-35)
06 Nov 2012 3124
39 Jesus said in John 3:13 that “no man hath ascended up to heaven”. What does this really mean?
19 Dec 2012 3327
20 Dec 2012 5883
41 Did Sarah show faith or doubt when she laughed?
20 Dec 2012 8648
42 If baptism is mandatory for Christians then what did Apostle Paul mean when he said, “For Christ sent me not to baptize, but to preach the gospel” (1 Corinthians 1:17)
21 Jan 2013 2536
43 In the genealogy of Jesus Christ the gospel of Matthew records Joseph was the son of Jacob, but the gospel of Luke says Joseph was the son of Heli! (See Matthew 1:16, Luke 3:23).
22 Jan 2013 4315
General Questions top
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1 WHY DIDN’T GOD MAKE all of us on the SAME PLATFORM—with SAME RICHES, trials, tests, environment, etc?
17 Jul 2008 6346
2 How could NATION ISRAEL REJECT JESUS as the Messiah when the FATHER INTRODUCED His Son from Heaven?
17 Jul 2008 4627
3 Why wasn't the name "Jesus" prophesied in the Old Testament among the many other Messianic prophecies?
03 Sep 2008 5257
4 If salvation is only through Jesus, then what about the majority of the people who have never heard of His name? Does God have another way of saving them? Or will they be damned?
03 Sep 2008 3977
5 Does Satan give riches? If so, how to know whether it is from God or the Devil?
03 Sep 2008 32877
6 Was it necessary for Jesus Himself to die for our sins as our substitute? Couldn’t an angel do it?
03 Sep 2008 4664
7 Couldn’t God solve the sin problem without bloodshed? Wasn’t there an alternative?
03 Sep 2008 4779
8 How can we justify the act of God in driving out the heathen from their lands and giving it to Israel? Wasn’t that unfair?
03 Sep 2008 3550
9 Wasn’t the choosing of Israel, to be the blessed nation, an act of partiality by God?
03 Sep 2008 3659
10 Many times we see a no-real difference in the blessings received and protection extended for believers and unbelievers. Why?
03 Sep 2008 4060
11 Can the death of one (Jesus) atone for the sins of all humanity?
03 Sep 2008 5079
12 Does God’s love increase as we walk closer to Him day by day?
03 Sep 2008 4745
13 Is it fair for God to let animals die for no fault of theirs?
03 Sep 2008 3481
14 Why is it that only human beings would be resurrected to inherit the New Earth, and not the animals?
03 Sep 2008 5607
15 The Bible talks about DIFFERENT CREATURES in heaven—cherubim, seraphim, LIVING CREATURES. Who are they?
03 Sep 2008 10691
16 Did God REALLY FORGIVE people in the OLD TESTAMENT times? If He did, then why was it necessary for Jesus to come and die? Couldn’t the New Testament people be forgiven the same way?
03 Sep 2008 15486
17 Did CHRIST DIE for the SINFUL ANGELS TOO or just human beings?
03 Sep 2008 6320
18 Why did God make unpleasant creatures that are a pest to us? And why did he create poisonous fruits and herbs that harm us?
03 Sep 2008 10229
19 If Jesus died for us, then why are we still dying?
03 Sep 2008 10709
20 Can Satan read our minds? If not, how does He feed our minds with thoughts of temptations?
03 Sep 2008 14921
21 If God made man in His OWN IMAGE then how do we have DIFFERENT RACES and COLORS of people?
03 Sep 2008 14316
22 Why are certain people punished immediately for their sins, and the rest are not?
03 Sep 2008 6170
23 WHY DIDN’T GOD MAKE all of us on the SAME PLATFORM—with SAME RICHES, trials, tests, environment, etc?
10 Aug 2009 3488
24 How could NATION ISRAEL REJECT JESUS as the Messiah when the FATHER INTRODUCED His Son from Heaven?
10 Aug 2009 3282
25 Why wasn't the NAME "Jesus" PROPHESIED IN THE OLD TESTAMENT among the many other Messianic prophecies?
10 Aug 2009 3344
26 Does SATAN give RICHES? If so, HOW TO KNOW whether it is from God or the Devil?
10 Aug 2009 3709
27 Was it necessary for JESUS HIMSELF TO DIE for our sins as our substitute? Couldn’t an ANGEL DO IT?
10 Aug 2009 3615
28 Couldn’t God solve the SIN problem WITHOUT BLOODSHED? Wasn’t there an alternative?
10 Aug 2009 3409

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