Dr. Michael Pedrin is a pastor, author, and poet as well. His special field of interest has been finding answers to intriguing Bible questions that have troubled many sincere seekers of truth. 

Michael has been working in the Lord’s vineyard for over 20 years. And having faced real-life questions from people of different backgrounds, temperaments and faiths, he has had a rich exposure in the field. 

Michael is a global itinerant preacher who is regularly invited to conduct series on various Bible topics in the different continents of the world. He addresses scholarly issues, presents doctrinal and devotional sermons on various themes of the Bible. He is a featured TV and radio speaker. 

Michael has a Ph.D. degree in Biblical Studies and a Masters degree in English Literature. 

Michael is married to Sushma Sharon, a dentist. And they both are blessed with a lovely boy—Marc Raymond Pedrin.