Heaven and New Earth

Heaven & New Earth

Christ has gone a place to prepare

He wants us, His glory to share

Mansions there are, for one and all

Only respond to the Master’s call.


Soon we’ll enter a ‘better country’,

No more merchandise, all things will be free

That city is built, by God’s own hand

After a 1000 years on earth ‘twill land.


New Jerusalem is a perfect square

Most precious stones it does bear

The pearly gates and golden streets

No sinner will walk, but the saintly feet.


By God’s glory, the city is lit,

No need for the sun, to shine in it.

The water of life, there flows like a river

Proceeding from the throne of the Life Giver.


Of the tree of life, we can partake freely,

Twelve different varieties! And her fruit will be monthly.

Only good will abound, and nothing will be less,

The whole land shall be filled with His Righteousness.


Own houses we’ll build and plant vineyards,

All will be fine and nothing marred

Sin and death, all are past,

Joy and peace for eternity will last.


If you don’t own a house here, don’t worry,

For soon you’ll have one, in the city and in the country.

Walk or run, and you’ll not be weary

All time is yours, no need to hurry.


The lion, like an ox will eat straw;

No more he’ll crave for meat that’s raw

The cow and the bear together will feed.

The leopard and the wolf, a young child will lead.


From Sabbath to Sabbath, and one new moon to another

To worship the Lord, all flesh will gather,

The greatest joy will be to see His face;

I will be filled with love, glory and grace!


There shall we know that heaven is too cheap,

And that His love for us, has been so deep.

The meek will inherit the earth made new,

I want to be there, what about you?