The Hour Of His Judgment

The Hour Of His Judgment

We all shall appear before the judgment throne

For He bought us, and we are not our own,

Whatever life a man may live,

To God that day, an account he’ll give.


The Judgment has already set,

His people needn’t have to fret

All their requirements, Jesus has met

He’ll work in you, if you let.


Our righteousness is like a filthy rag

To heaven that we cannot drag,

Are you clothed with His Righteousness?

Otherwise you’ll land in a pitiful mess.


Long time; has passed since 1844

The Lord will come quickly, and delay no more.

Soon He’ll look into our record

Let’s be with Him in one accord.


On the great Judgment day,

Can we to God anything say?

When every thought, word and action will be weighed,

Then all matters shall be openly laid.


We have an advocate with the Father,

It’s Jesus and none other

He wants to plead His blood for you,

If you consent, that He’ll do.


The ones who are ignorant, God will wink,

Those who reject the light, His wrath they’ll drink

He’s waiting for us to get right,

Please don’t treat His message too light.


The great standard is His law,

And Christ can keep you without a flaw

If you’re in Him, there is no condemnation,

This is God’s own declaration.


If we confess Jesus here,

That day you needn’t have to fear,

He has promised to do the same,

In the book of Life, He’ll retain your name.


The saints will shortly possess His Kingdom,

There we’ll enjoy absolute freedom

Let’s all set our hearts there

Soon we’ll be in the land that’s fair.