Do I Look to the Hills?

Do I Look to the Hills?



I need much help when I’m in trouble

For life is just a bubble

And I look for help that’s outside me

As I’m tossed by the waves of the sea.





Do I look to the hills as the heathens do

Expecting help from there?

No I lift up mine eyes beyond the blue

To the city of gold that’s fair!




The God of Israel never slumbers or sleeps

My life in His hand He keeps

As I walk on this earth as a stranger

He preserves my soul from danger




The sun and the moon, shall not smite me

I’m always secured from my enemy

He watches over me by day and night

And my battles the Lord does fight



The Lord is my strength and my shield

And His sword I will wield

I’ve nothing to fear for the Lord is near

And He is my Friend so dear!