It Was Pomp and Splendor

It Was Pomp and Splendor



The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost

Came down to deliver heaven’s law

They came with ten thousands of angelic host

All the children of Israel saw




It was pomp and splendor on Mount Sinai

The scene was awesome to mortal eye

The people feared that they would die

When the God of glory descended on high



A fence was put for the throng

The mountain was filled with fire and smoke

The blast of the trumpet was loud and long

And in regal tones the law He spoke



The mount quaked, trembled and shivered

As God spoke in thunderous tone

In silence of death the people heard

And then He engraved His law on stone



Sin is defined as the transgression of the law

"Keep it diligently" is Heaven’s call

It’s holy, just and good, without a flaw

"He that breaketh one is guilty of all"