Is Polygamy sin? Why did God permit polygamy in the Old Testament? Can Christians have plural spouses? These are common questions that people ask regarding this subject. 

In my research presentation I prove that indeed Polygamy was sin, and is sin. Also I present the reason why God permitted polygamy and the lessons we can learn from it. The one point that will shine out is the connection between polygamy and the everlasting gospel. Also I answer the difficult texts on this topic.

In this thesis of mine, I have broadly looked into the subject. I have given the views of different authors as well, those that support polygamy and those that oppose. 

May we see a longsuffering and a loving Savior who wants to reach out to us and teach us heavenly truths through this topic, is my prayer. May all who read this dissertation be blessed!



I dedicate this thesis to my wife, Dr. Sushma Sharon Pedrin,

and our son, Marc Raymond Pedrin,

who have been a source of joy and inspiration to me.