One of the most puzzling questions (if not the most puzzling) is on the subject of polygamy. Nearly every Bible reader has this question in mind. 

I had been searching for a convincing explanation for more than a decade. I thought I would never get a satisfactory answer until, one day, God delivered this “package” in a distinct manner! 

It happened one evening. 

A sister from Australia, with whom I had the privilege of sharing the Word of God on many important topics, was confronted by a loved one on this question—on the practice of polygamy in the Old Testament. She wanted to know the answer for herself, and also to get back to that loved one who asked the question. She asked her brother to contact me and get the answer emailed immediately. 

That weekend I was out of station. Something impressed me to telephone her brother who told me about it. I assured him that the next morning I would be home and would give him the answer. I didn’t know the answer till that moment!

Immediately after I hung up the phone, as if in a “package”, God planted the seed in my mind. With these strong impressions I was sure of the answer. And there it was! All the ingredients were now in my mind; I had to just cook it, and make it delicious, with the passages from Scripture.


Polygamy and the Gospel is the outcome of that unique experience that I had. 

I sincerely hope and pray that this thesis will be a blessing to all who are searching the truth in this matter.