THE SANCTUARY Unlocks Great Mysteries

The Jewish Sanctuary 

  The theme of the Sanctuary is one of the grandest in the Bible. The entire plan of salvation is beautifully illustrated in every article, every offering, every ordinance and every service. It is a big parable of the Old Testament that illuminates every truth.  

In the book, “The Sanctuary Unlocks Great Mysteries” we will be looking at some of the grand doctrines of the Bible from the light of the sanctuary. 

There are many Christians today who are biased with the Old Testament. They feel they are just New Testament Christians. And they try to build their entire faith from the New Testament. This is a great mistake. 

The Old Testament is the foundation and the New Testament is the building. The Lord Jesus Christ and the apostles never had the New Testament to bring out the great truths to the people. They all exclusively used the Old Testament to teach the people. They built their teaching from the sacred word of the Old Testament. Along with the Old Testament, we Christians, have the benefit of the New Testament as well, the writing of the apostles. But that does not diminish the value of the Old Testament scriptures in any way. 

Many Christians have gone wrong in understanding many of the vital doctrines of sacred scriptures because they have started to build it from the New Testament. And in the process, they have neglected the Old Testament teaching of it. 

We need to follow the Master Teacher. He began where the Bible begins—the writings of Moses, and then He proceeded further. This was Jesus pattern: “And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them in all the scriptures the things concerning himself.” Luke 24:27 

In this book, “The Sanctuary Unlocks Great Mysteries” we will be looking at major doctrines from the light of the Sanctuary, from the grand subject that God gave Moses in the wilderness.