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Old Testament Bible Questions

New Testament Bible Questions by Pastor Michael Pedrin

General Bible Questions by Pastor Michael Pedrin


   The Lunar Sabbath Deception

Of late, a strange doctrine seems to be trapping many precious souls into a great deception. Many times in the last century it has tried to pop up but since a decade or so, it has gained momentum, and it seems to be spreading rapidly on the Internet.

From the book of Revelation, we know that the final issue will be the seal of God versus the mark of the beast—the true Sabbath versus the false Sabbath.

Why does Satan impose the Sunday law? The only reason is to force the true Sabbath-keepers to stop keeping God’s day holy. The rest of the world he doesn’t need to force—he has deceived them already, and they are not keeping the true day.


The question on the practice of polygamy in Bible times has intrigued nearly every Bible reader. Some are sure that polygamy was a wrong practice but find it difficult to understand and explain this custom that was commonly seen in the Old Testament times—even among God’s people! Others feel that it was permitted then, but was done away in the New Testament times.


The Jewish Sanctuary 

  The theme of the Sanctuary is one of the grandest in the Bible. The entire plan of salvation is beautifully illustrated in every article, every offering, every ordinance and every service. It is a big parable of the Old Testament that illuminates every truth.  

In the book, “The Sanctuary Unlocks Great Mysteries” we will be looking at some of the grand doctrines of the Bible from the light of the sanctuary. 

There are many Christians today who are biased with the Old Testament. They feel they are just New Testament Christians. And they try to build their entire faith from the New Testament. This is a great mistake.