Welcome to Clear Bible Answers! This site is basically about answering important, interesting, and tough Bible questions. We believe God has led you to this site.

Anyone who reads the Bible will have a lot of questions popping up their minds. For God has designed it so. God's word has to be studied and searched, and not just read. Since it is God's word, only God can make us understand it clearly. Even the disciples of Jesus couldn't understand the scriptures until the Lord helped them out. "Then opened he their understanding, that they might understand the scriptures" (Luke 24:45).

Therefore, offer a silent prayer to the Lord, to open your understanding, before you even read the answers in--Clear Bible Answers.

I have divided the answers into two categories as you can see it at the top of the webpage--Slides and Questions/Answers. Both categories deal with Bible questions. Check out both as they deal with different questions altogether. Also In MichaelsPoetry you have plenty to access.

In the Slides category you will find the answers presented on Power-Point-slide-show with animations, and pictures at the background. And in the Questions/Answers category you will find the answers presented on MS Word/PDF file. In MichaelsPoetry most of the items are presented in Power-Point-slide-show.

If you have a personal Bible question, that is not answered here, or if you have a personal prayer request to make, click "Submit Requests" at the top, and proceed to type your request.

Check the site regularly as we will be adding items in all the categories--all the time.  REGULARLY CHECK THE VARIOUS CATEGORIES FOR NEW ADDITIONS

God bless you!

Pastor Michael Pedrin